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This may be hard to believe, but your system's audio and video can look and sound better. It's true, once you plug into either the RT800 or the SymphonyPro, get ready to experience a dramatic difference.

You see, the RT800 and the SymphonyPro both utilize the pure power of Quantum Resonance Technology. And QRT is the reason for the difference. QRT is an amazing, cutting edge technology that suppresses electrical noise and neutralizes interference, strengthening the envelope of the audio and video signal.

Just how does all this impact your system?

Your video images will have greater texture and color vibrancy. Your audio will have expanded range, deeper sound staging and more harmonic fullness. In other words, you can expect an enhanced and flawless performance.

When you're ready to see and hear the difference, plug into the power of Quantum. Everything will become perfectly clear.



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